Our Goal at Artzip is to simplify for artists the business of making a living doing what
they love.


There’s a notion that only “starving artists” are real artists. That’s a lie. We believe art and success belong in the same sentence. That your passion for art and being profitable can intersect. And that being an artist can be a sustainable career, not just a side-hustle or hobby.
Artzip was founded with the mission of helping artists make a living doing what they love.
Aside from making great art, an artist’s most essential asset is exceptional images of their artwork. Digital images are typically the first – and often the only – representation of a piece of art a buyer will see before deciding whether to purchase. If the viewer can’t see the nuances of the colors or the details in the brushwork, how can they possibly appreciate the art for what it is?
But capturing high-quality images is time-consuming, cumbersome and expensive.
We invented new technology that enables us to offer color-perfect, high-resolution images of art at a fraction of the cost. With a custom rail system and simple smartphone app, Artzip captures detailed shots of your artwork, then layers and zips the photos together to create one perfect, professional-grade image.
We provide various versions of your image, similar to the range of images world-class galleries provide
collectors. And, we offer integrated, on-demand printing services so you can easily have prints of your artwork made at the same time.
Ready to get started? Schedule a scan and choose our hassle-free Door to Door art transport service or simply drop off your work at the Artzip Hub.
We make imaging effortless, so you can spend your time making art.

Commitment to the Arts

We believe artists should be able to spend their time dreaming and creating. We are committed to finding ways to help artists succeed.


Your happiness is our top priority. If you’re not 100% happy with your experience for any reason, let us know and we’ll make it right.

Founder Waddy Armstrong demos the Artzip behind the curtain magic.
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