What size and type is the image I receive?

The untouched image is a TIFF file and varies from 360 – 420 PPI/DPI at 100% of the original artwork.  Depending on the size of the artwork scanned, the size can be 55MB – 950MB.
The 3 additional images are jpegs that are 72 DPI resolution unless otherwise requested.

What size artwork can be scanned?

Large Rail System: Up to 8’ x 8’ artwork. 

Medium Rail System: Up to 7’ x 5.5’ artwork.

How long does it take to make a scan?

Scans vary in time by the size of the painting. We aim for our drop-off scans to be complete within 48 hrs. You can schedule drop-offs and door to door services through our booking system.

How much does a scan cost?
Scan of artwork sized up to 60” (per piece)$35
Scan of artwork larger than 60” (per piece)$45
Roundtrip door to door transport from your home or studio (per location)$35
One way door to door transport (per location)$20
Transport of Large Art 48″- 80″+$15
PrintsPrice Varies
How do I make prints?

Under our booking system you may select if you would like prints made from your scans.

Do I need to order all of the prints in the edition up front?

No, you can reply to the email that delivers your scans at a later date if you’d like to order prints in the future.

Can I make scans of framed artwork that is behind plexiglass?

Yes!  We can make scans of art that is behind glass.  There are no reflections, however at this time a thin shadow from the frame is cast on the left and right sides.  We have a couple of solutions that we are working on for you!

Can I scan items other than artwork?

Yes, within reason.  Artzip is best with 2-dimensional work, not 3-dimensional.  We expect you to get creative and show us what you come up with!

Can I buy a rail system for my personal use?

Contact us and we can discuss your needs.

What else is Artzip planning to offer?

We have many ideas about ways we would like to help artists succeed.  Please give us feedback to help us design better products for you.

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