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Shoot detail shots of your artwork, upload them to the Artzip website, and receive your high-resolution image.

  • Zip - The high-resolution image of your artwork that Artzip creates.
  • Reference photo – Photo of the whole painting.
  • Segment photos – Close up photos (detail shots) of the artwork that get stitched together to make the Zip (high-res image); Typically shot from around 28”- 30” from the artwork.
  • PPI (pixels per inch) – Standard measurement of the number of pixels per inch there are in an image. This lets you know how large your image is and how well it will print. Anything above 175 PPI will give you a great print at 100% of the size of your artwork.
The quality of your Zip depends on how well you light your artwork and shoot your images. If you upload good images, your Zip will look fantastic.
Steps for Creating your high-res image:

The dimensions are required for calculating the size of your Zip. (PPI)

We need to be able to tell the difference between your painting and the background. If the edges are not clearly defined, the Zip could fail.

The title identifies your Zip, and the dimensions are stored for reference. We use your phone number to tell you when the Zip is complete.

This is a photo of the whole painting. When shooting, make sure the artwork is squared up. You want the painting edges to be parallel and perpendicular to each other. A good reference photo is important because it is used to match the cropped area, brightness, saturation, etc. when delivering your Zip. Crop to the edges and adjust brightness, saturation, etc. to closely resemble/match your artwork.

Move closer, find the center of the painting, and correct distance from the face of the painting. Distance from the artwork should be approximately 28”- 35” depending on the size of the artwork. The closer your camera, the higher the resolution will be.
When shooting segment photos, your camera should always bee located in the center of the artwork.

Keeping your lens in the center of the artwork, slightly tilt the camera up to top left of the painting. Shoot your first segment photo, capturing the whole edge of the painting.

Next, (continuing to keep lens in the center of the artwork) slightly rotate camera to the right to capture the next segment photo, slightly overlapping the area of your previous photo.
Continue in this way, shooting each area of the painting, moving to the right, then down, across the painting, then down again, to the right, across the artwork until you have captured segment photos of the whole artwork, always keeping your camera lens located the same distance from face of the artwork and in the center of the artwork.

Make sure you include all the edges of your artwork!

You can shoot and upload each segment photo while in the app, or if you shoot your images earlier, you can start the Create a Zip process and upload the images directly from your photos or files).

Check to make sure all your images are there and that they look good. Did you capture the edges of the artwork? Don’t worry if they are out of order.

A Zip takes about 15 - 30 minutes to complete. Feel free to close the page or start a new Zip and we will notify you when your Zip is complete.

Artzip will send you a notification via email and text, letting you know your Zip is complete. Click the link and you can view your Zip.

Any PPI higher than 175 will give you a great print at 100% of the size of your artwork.

After unlocking your Zip, you can send it to a printer, or edit and download. Enjoy your high resolution image!
Remember, we can’t send you a fantastic Zip if you don’t send us good images of your whole painting!

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