We are a small team that is passionate about helping artists make a living doing what they love.

Waddy Armstrong

Founder and CEO

Artzip was founded by Waddy Armstrong in 2019. Waddy is a professional artist and is committed to making art a sustainable career path for all artists. Inspired and encouraged by the tech ecosystem in San Antonio, Waddy set out to develop an affordable way to create high-resolution images of artwork with just an iPhone.


Rosalie Reuss

Product Manager

Rosalie loves to build—everything from products to processes to business models. She graduated from
the University of Virginia before moving to San Antonio in 2018 through the Venture for America fellowship. Rosalie blends a systems engineering background with a love of both problem-solving and
creativity to support the Artzip community.


Ben Trela

Operations Manager

Ben is a tinkerer. From businesses process to podcasts, he loves to find new ways to make things work.
He graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit before moving to San Antonio in 2020 with the
Venture for America fellowship. Ben joined Artzip to help create opportunities for artists to succeed.


Roberta Zertuche

Communications Manager

Roberta has a passion for curating art collections. She received her bachelor’s degree in Art History and
Criticism with a focus in Latin American Contemporary Art from the University of Texas at San Antonio.
Roberta has developed a love of contemporary art throughout her work experiences in Mexico City,
Florence and San Antonio.


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