The freedom to capture ultra high-res images of artwork—with your smartphone.

Shoot your work in your own space while having your morning coffee. Show a client across the world every single brushstroke. Get prints of your work delivered to your studio this week. Instantly access a shareable catalogue of your work.

Artzip makes it easy.

Artzip lets you effortlessly create exceptional, high-resolution images of two-dimensional artwork with your smartphone. With a custom rail system and simple smartphone app, Artzip captures a series of detailed shots of your artwork, then layers and zips the photos together in the cloud to create one perfect, professional-grade image.

Zip it up


Position your artwork under our custom rail system, optimize the lighting, and easily adjust the settings. The Artzip App will glide your smartphone over the artwork, taking multiple high-resolution photos in a systematic grid.


Sit back while these images are automatically uploaded to our secure, private ZipCloud where they are layered and combined into a single, seamless high-resolution image.


Access your completed image in minutes from your personal Artzip account. Download, save and share your file in the format and size of your choosing.


We offer integrated on-demand printing services. Get prints of your artwork delivered in one week.


Capture exceptional high-resolution images of two-dimensional artwork with your smartphone.